Individual Belbin Report - Full-Service


Belbin® Team Role reports are a valuable tool for evaluating an individual’s collaborative strengths and weaknesses. The reports offer useful advice to enable individuals to form productive working relationships. The reports also help to select and develop high-performing teams, raise self-awareness and increase personal effectiveness.


To receive a Team Role report, an individual first completes a self-assessment. That person then invites four to six of their colleagues or coworkers to complete an observer assessment. The results of the self-assessment and observer assessment are compiled into a final report. The report summarizes the results of the ratings and provides guidelines for interpretation.


Full Service Reports: All you need to do is submit an order. Our staff will manage the process for you. We will ask you to provide the email(s) for the person or people you want reports for. Then we will contact each person and his/her observers, send reminders if needed, and generate the final report. The final report(s) will be sent via email.


Not sure whether the DIY or Full-Service option is better for you?  Click here to find out more, or contact us for a consultation.


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Individual Belbin Report - Full-Service
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