Belbin Team Analysis (Requires 3-15 Indiv. Belbin Reports)

A Belbin Team Role report has two primary functions: to help individuals understand how to better play to their collaborative strengths and manage weaknesses, and to help a team decide how to best leverage the collective strengths represented by its members.

The Belbin Team Analysis is designed specifically for that second function. It is a separate report prepared for groups of 3-15 people who have completed their individual Belbin Team Role reports (purchased separately). The Team Analysis helps the team:

  • Understand the distribution of Team Roles strengths on the team
  • Identify which person (or people) is strongest in a given Team Role
  • Be clearer about how to delegate particular tasks (generate new ideas, organize an effort, implement decisions, and so on)

(One report is good for any group of 3 to 15 people. For more than 15 people, contact us to discuss purchasing multiple reports.)



Belbin Team Analysis (Requires 3-15 Indiv. Belbin Reports)
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